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My desire for our time together is that the memories we make will bring a smile to our faces for years to come. I am most interested in our mutual compatibility; that we enjoy each other's company thoroughly, and on every level. For this reason, I include a section describing myself and personality and the kind of person I'd like to meet. I hope that's you! :)

Mature Elite Tampa VIP Companion Sarah Landon on a balcony in Paris with her diaphanous dress flying in the wind

From: California


Height: 5'1"


Weight: 120lbs


Eyes: Green


Hair: Blonde


Age: Early 50s


Favorite color: Magenta


Favorite perfume: Coco by Chanel


Favorite pastimes: Reading, travel, gardening, cooking, eating, art, learning, you

Last books I read: The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis, The Gut Stuff by Alana and Lisa MacFarlane. Currently reading Premonition by Michael Lewis, The Dawn of Everything by Davids Graeber and Wengrow, and American Kompromat by Craig Unger.

Favorite magazines (or, what I buy in airports): Harper's, The Atlantic, Scientific American, and Architectural Digest

Favorite beverages: Iced tea (unsweetened), pinot noir (La Crema, Meiomi), white burgundy (Sticks and Stones), NZ sauvignon blanc (Kim Crawford), and really dry champagne, such as Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut

Education: Masters

Languages: 4

Favorite gemstone: Pearl

Favorite gifts: Here

About You

You are looking for adventure- something to make you forget about the real world for a while. Or perhaps you already live a life of adventure, and you're looking for the perfect side-kick to join you on your next escapade. Maybe you're a hard worker- so busy that you forget to look after yourself and your needs. It could be that you come here as someone who finds it difficult to forge relationships on a day to day basis; you may feel misunderstood by people or even may lack the social skills-or patience- to engage in the small talk expected in social gatherings. You're looking for judgement-free space to be yourself, and to feel loved and rewarded just for being you.


You desire someone with whom you can converse on just about any topic, even though you know that you will enjoy worlds more together than a good chat. But you understand the unique and special chemistry that an intellectual connection can spark, and you appreciate the subtle engaging nature of that process. You seek that out, and are underwhelmed by people who fall short of expectations in that regard. 

You're excited by the prospect of making a long term friend- someone you can meet with again and again, and build on experiences and memories made together. You relish the abandon with which you share space and each other's company, knowing it will never seep into your real life (except, perhaps, as a discreet smile you find emerging on your face at odd moments throughout the day). This secret and exciting relationship you're forging remains safely and tidily tucked away within the boundaries necessary for its very existence. It's a perfect arrangement: a beautiful and discreet confidant available on call for you, only as and when you need her.

About Me

Passionate, full of life, and insatiably curious, I live a rather epicurean lifestyle. As a woman in my late 40s, I possess the sophistication, life experience, empathy, and panache to entertain anyone. I have traveled the world extensively (I've rarely met anyone who has traveled more- but if you have, I would love to meet you!!) and have amassed a plethora of unique and delicious experiences. I've never met a stranger; I can find just about anyone completely fascinating. As The Desiderata says, we all have our stories. I want to know yours!

My passion led me to erotic entertainment as a young woman of 21. I discovered the world of exotic dancing, which lent itself to my desire to explore the planet and its fascinating people. I've seen the world through an array of lenses now: as a dancer, as a backpacker, as a student, as an academic, and as a luxury traveler. I've garnered unique perspectives on humanity that endear it all the more to me. I love the cultural differences I have discovered in terms of what makes something erotic to a particular culture; how various subtleties and nuances are inherent in some cultures, while others require a gong to convey these same messages.


My insatiable curiosity led me to pursue an exceptional formal education as an older student. I tried college right out of high school, but quite frankly, it bored me to tears. I was far more interested in the boys in my class than answers to some dull exam. But after traveling the world a bit, I decided to study it academically. I wanted to know why things are the way they are around the world. I needed explanations for things like poverty, hunger, conflict, and culture clashes. I wanted to know more about what makes our political geography look like it does today. A bachelor's degree wasn't enough, however. Who wants to remain an "undergraduate"? So I then pursued a master's abroad to discover what is being done about the state of the world. Sadly, neither degree satisfied my curiosity. Both only made me more curious, and more critical of current affairs. 

My love of life and all the ways I can experience it has made me an unapologetic hedonist (with a conscience). I adore good food, fine art, theatre, and music of all kinds (especially opera and metal), and I am an avid reader (of mostly non-fiction and current events). I've seen ballets in Tokyo, London and LA, operas in Sydney, LA, London and NY, and Kabuki and Noh in Tokyo. I've been fortunate to have seen symphony orchestras in LA, NY, and Vienna. I've been to many museums of art, science, history, and sex. And I adore gardens! I've been to botanical gardens all around the world. Some of my most memorable are in Okinawa, Rio de Janeiro, and Dar es Salaam. (Yes- Dar es Salaam's was memorable- I'd be delighted to expand on that when we meet.)

I am passionate about what I do. I adore meeting fascinating people and learning from and with them. I love forging lasting friendships with people from all walks of life. I am ready and willing to take you into my world and show you around. And I would love the opportunity to be your confidant.

You can learn more about me here, at my blog, and by following me on Twitter. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Places I've been around the world
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