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Things I Like

Here is where you may learn more about my likes and loves.


I love traveling and seeing new places! I have a current passport, and travel as frequently as my schedule allows. If we've spent some time together, you may request a link to my private travel galleries.


I love nature and botanical gardens. I can spend hours in a nursery, and I work a lot in my own garden. A benefit of living in Florida is the warm and humid climate that allows me to indulge in my passion for tropical plants. I have been very successful with orchids here, and have quite a collection of unusual types.


Ethnic cuisine is fun to explore and food is a passion. I could literally eat my way around the world! As a matter of fact, I believe I have. I am beginning to learn more about wine, and I love a good pinot noir. And cheese! I am a cheese connoisseur. Are you familiar with Moliterno or Sotocenere?

Music moves me on a deep level. I adore opera! I also love metal and various other styles of music. Live music is tons of fun, and I have been on music-oriented cruises. I also love the performing arts: ballet, theater, dance.


When time, space, and life allow, I love to make art. Painting, mainly, but sculpture and multimedia projects all keep me busy and happy. For me, art is a meditation. I also designed this whole website, as graphic design is another passion. I am not as technically gifted as I would like to be, but I seem to have worked out at least a basic understanding. Lol! In keeping with my love of art, I adore art museums! Well, any museums really- science, nature, industry, history.


Finally, books always hold a special place in my world. I read everything I can, from philosophy and religious studies to psychology and sociology. Fiction I like tends towards historical novels that take place in exotic locales or interesting twists on current reality.

Some of my friends will ask what they can bring to me as a gift when we meet. The best gift is your kind demeanor, sincere appreciation, and repeat visits. For those who would like to show their appreciation in more and additionally tangible ways, I have listed a few ideas below. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. I promise to reciprocate in kind. 


If you're a philanthropist at all, a donation to my favorite charities would be amazing. They are:


Mama Cash - Mama Cash is the oldest international women's fund in the world, founded in the Netherlands in 1983. Since then, Mama Cash has distributed more than €54 million euro in grants to women’s, girl’s and trans groups. They simply rock!


St. Jude Children's Hospital - St. Jude is the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance. 


Electronic Frontier Foundation - The first line of defense when your rights in the digital world come under attack. So very important considering we've found each other on the internet. ;)  


More personal gift ideas:

To make it easier for those who like wish lists, I've created one at Amazon. I've also listed some select items I'd love below. You can buy some as egifts, but if you can't, please write to ask me for my mailing address.



Dress, size 2 or 4
Top, size small
Pants/skirt, size 2 or 4
Shoes, Closed-toe: size 6.5, Open-toe, 6 
Bra, size 32 DD 
Panties, size medium


I love lingerie! Honey Birdette, Secrets in Lace, Fleur du Mal, and any other finer lingerie- gift cards, or something you choose for me to wear for you. I prefer 3-piece matching sets: bra, panties, and garter belt, but I am very happy to receive whatever you have in mind. And Wolford stockings. Anne Taylor is one of my favorite designers. I love Coach bags (but I'm not fond of obvious logos- just plain leather with a small, discreet logo). Books (and music) are near and dear to my heart. And I am always in need of new art supplies. If you're into indulging a lady's decadent side, dark chocolate (80%) is an excellent aphrodisiac! Jewelry is good if you're so inclined. I love gold, pink pearls, and alexandrite. And finally, gift cards are always welcome. :) 

Select Items:

Moon lamp and night light (20 centimeters)

This beautiful necklace

These beautiful earrings

This beautiful bracelet

These beautiful shoes

A Santillo photoshoot! Even better if you also choose something for me to wear. ;) 

Dali's "Eye of Time" brooch

Histomap of Religion

Star projector (starlight purple)

These beautiful shoes

These beautiful shoes

Thanks so much in advance for your generosity!

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