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Here are just a few tips to help make our time together perfectly enjoyable for both of us.

Mature Elite Tampa Travel Companion Sarah Landon at the opera house in Paris

When contacting me, please write a nice self-introduction. You know a lot about me from this website, so it would be nice to know something about you too, other than your screening info. :) If you can't think of something, tell me your favorite color, favorite book, or favorite movie. Or, even more fun, take this quick personality test, and let me know your results. I will respond within 48 hours, unless I am traveling internationally, in which case I will respond within 72 hours.


Please do not include crude or graphic language, or any references to "services" or fees. You understand you are expressly booking my time, and your contribution will allow me to free up my schedule to see you.


Also, please be sure you're familiar with my Options and my contact 



If you've written to me and not received a response it could be for a few reasons:


1. You've written a one-liner, such as “Hey babe U free 2nite”. I prefer a potential friend to write a nice self introduction to me to begin our planning. If you can't take a few moments to compose a complete sentence or two when inquiring, I don't think we will be very compatible.


2. You've referred to sex, money, a fetish, or all three in your correspondence, or used crude and graphic language. Automatic delete, even if you sound really sweet.


3. You have written to me while I am traveling, or your email ended up in spam for some reason. If you know you didn't make one of the first two mistakes, then presume it is this, and please try again. :)


Please do not write to me if I am one of several women you are reaching out to in hopes of making sure one of us is available. While I appreciate the fleeting thought, I prefer to be the one you wish to see the most on the date you're considering. If I am not that for you, please move along. That's why advance planning is essential. People who plan in advance have time to make alternate arrangements should their chosen companion be unavailable. There are few things more frustrating than getting all excited to meet someone only to never hear back after an email or two. I understand that sometimes things don't work out (trips get canceled, things come up), but if you could just send a note to that effect, all would be well. Don't burn a bridge unnecessarily. ;)  I appreciate your attention to this, and your sincerity when contacting me.

To Begin Our Appointment, we would meet at your chosen location, which is always a public place* such as a lounge or restaurant, where we will spend a bit of our time getting to know each other over cocktails, lunch, or dinner. My consideration would have been discreetly placed in front of me at the table in a gift bag, a book, or a magazine** within minutes of my arrival, or you would have made arrangements to compensate me in advance (my preference). With business out of the way, we are free to revel in each other's company for the rest of our engagement! 


I enjoy people who are well groomed and have a great sense of personal hygiene. I also enjoy those who are kind, gentle, and considerate.

Please do not come to me under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


I am open to meeting any respectful and good-natured person, regardless of gender identity, orientation, ability, race, size, or religion. I am happy to extend a discounted option plan for anyone who is physically disabled. Please contact me for details. 


My time is as valuable to me as yours is to you. Please read and understand my cancellation policy (on the bottom of every page). You'll need to let me know you've read and understand it when you book with me.


I am mainly available by outcall, but am happy to arrange a location in which to host our evening together if this is not an option for you. This will incur an additional fee of $150 in Tampa. If you will require me to host in another city, the fee I request on my options page for other cities should cover that. All engagements in other cities require an advance deposit.

I require a deposit for all engagements 4 hours or longer, or if I have to travel more than 30 minutes to see you. For domestic travel, I require this deposit one week in advance. For international travel, I require this deposit two weeks in advance.

* If extra discretion is required in your situation (you're well-known to the public, you're at a conference where many in the vicinity will recognize you, etc.), I am open to enjoying cocktails, lunch, or dinner in private. I am also open to signing a non-disclosure agreement. Please be sure to let me know if either of these will be the case when you contact me.

** I do not like receiving plain envelopes in public. This looks terribly obvious, and I consider it disrespectful.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this information! :) I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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